Campus Partners

With the highest standards in technology, providers and
campus partners, the right care is at your finger tips.

With the highest standards in technology, providers and <br/>campus partners, the right care is at your finger tips.

Campus Partners

The following providers are our partners on the Cancer Center campus. Services provided by these organizations are independent and will be billed separately from those incurred at the Cancer Center. Hematology & Oncology providers from our three owner hospitals interface on a daily basis with the Cancer Center's physcians and support services staff while maintaining practices that are independant of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

Kadlec Clinic Hematology & Oncology

(509) 942-2540
Website: Kadlec Clinic Hematology & Oncology

The experienced and highly knowledgable team at Kadlec Clinic Hematology and Oncology, formerly known as Columbia Basin Hematology & Oncology, diagnose, evaluate and treat blood diseases (hematology) and cancer (oncology). 

Lourdes Hematology | Oncology

(509) 416-8890
Website: Lourdes Hematology | Oncology

While Lourdes Hematology | Oncology is not located on the Tri-Cities Cancer Center campus, our Radiation Oncologists and support staff work closely with their treatment team led by Dr. Patricia Deisler. Dr. Deisler received her education from Columbia University, Cornell Medical College and Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Trios Medical Group - Hematology & Oncology

(509) 585-2449
Website: Trios Medical Group - Oncology & Hematology

Trios Oncology Services staff includes fellowship-trained, board-certified medical oncologists who treat cancer and blood disorders. They’ve each held faculty appointments at leading academic institutions.

Tri-Cities Laboratory

(509) 736-0100

Laboratory tests, including blood work, are performed on campus through a satellite of Tri-Cities Laboratory. Test results can be provided to all listed care providers, whether they reside in the Tri-Cities or elsewhere.