By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer It sounds like something from ‘Star Trek.’ A small wearable device that projects fields of electromagnetic energy to destroy cancer cells. Only it’s not science fiction. It’s a new technology that is allowing brain cancer… Continue Reading 

My dad died of cancer nearly two years ago. Since then, I’ve wanted to help other kids who have had a parent or loved one diagnosed with this disease. This led me to Kids Konnection at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.… Continue Reading 

The thyroid gland is an organ of the body’s endocrine system in the front of the neck. It is responsible for secreting a hormone, conveniently named “thyroid hormone,” which helps regulate the body’s metabolism and temperature. It is not uncommon… Continue Reading 

“It started as a soft lump on the back of my shoulder, about walnut size. The initial diagnosis was just a little fatty tumor, but not cancer.” said Maurice Schmidli, “But a year later it had grown to the size of… Continue Reading