As a summer intern at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, Harshil Matta was impressed with both the people and the technology. “The next generation medical and imaging equipment was amazing. And the people really impressed me … all of them were… Continue Reading 

Blood is the most precious and powerful gift that we can proudly give to another life. Our blood contains a myriad of components essential to life and health. Our blood can be readily transformed and tailored to meet the need… Continue Reading 

We all know good nutrition is important for good health. We also know to make adjustments in our diet when we are sick, such as good old fashioned chicken soup. Cancer and the treatments used to fight it create challenges… Continue Reading 

What’s the first thing one does after starting the day at Sunday morning church, ending the day in the Kennewick General Hospital ER, and learning Monday morning that x-rays have revealed a large abdominal mass that will have to be… Continue Reading