It might surprise you to learn that your Tri-Cities Cancer Center has the largest community lung cancer screening program in the entire country. How is this possible? First, a little history: In 2011, the results of the national lung screening… Continue Reading 

The seasons are changing and with the longer nights and cooler temperatures comes the holiday season to warm and brighten our days.  Every year is different, some holidays we remember were better than others but the rituals we keep practicing… Continue Reading 

Proclamation WHEREAS, in 2016, an estimated 53,070 people in the United States will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and 41,780 will die from the disease; and WHEREAS, Pancreatic Cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, is expected to become the… Continue Reading 

Retired high school principal Darrell Seely relates the story of when he came into the office of his urologist in Eugene, OR, for his annual prostate exam. There he was greeted by the doctor’s assistant who turned out to be… Continue Reading