By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer Pain and the associated mental suffering are a common occurrence for persons with breast cancer. Medications can often reduce the pain. But how can cancer patients reduce the suffering that comes from dwelling on unpleasant… Continue Reading 

Cancer Wellfit™ exists to remind cancer survivors of the vibrancy of life experienced through the gift of exercise and activity. This program between the Tri-City Court Club and the Tri-Cities Cancer Center started ten years ago and has become a… Continue Reading 

Ask a Dietician Monthly Column By: Alison Licquia MS, RDN, CD This month’s question is from Heidi: What can I do to get better bowel control now that I am done with chemo and colon surgery? The Colon Cancer Alliance… Continue Reading 

Suffering for 35 years with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) would dampen the hope of the average person desperately looking for a cure. But Fidelina Castaneda is not your average person. It was hope that kept her searching for treatments that would… Continue Reading