By: Chuck DeGooyer, TCCC CEO 2017 was another incredible year for your Tri-Cities Cancer Center and for our community who relies on us. Through great partnerships and region-wide support, we launched new programs, achieved a new accreditation, earned national recognition… Continue Reading 

Naturopathic Clinic now open! Introducing our newly launched Naturopathic Clinic at your Tri-Cities Cancer Center and our new Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Lindsey Josephson. In our Naturopathic Clinic, Lindsey works with patients to: • Guide usage of natural therapies while in… Continue Reading 

By: Lindsey Josephson, Naturopathic Physician, Tri-Cities Cancer Center In a culture that has become obsessed with cleanliness and sanitation, it is strange to think that bacteria might actually be beneficial. Though it is certainly counter to popular thinking, bacteria in… Continue Reading 

By Emma Bentley, OMS III, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences A day of discomfort and a test you sleep through and you could significantly reduce your chance of dying from the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the… Continue Reading