By: Lisa C.S. Rootvik, ARNP, Director of Cancer Survivorship A “cancer survivor” is any person who has a history of cancer, from the time they are diagnosed through the remainder of their life. More than 350,000 cancer survivors are currently… Continue Reading 

By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer Those who attended this year’s Annual Fund Raiser Breakfast will recognize Tim Doyle as the Master of Ceremonies for this big event. He’s also Vice-President of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation and himself a cancer… Continue Reading 

By: Gregg Lowery, OMS-IV, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Suppose someone randomly approached you and asked, “What are the symptoms of a heart attack and stroke?” Given the number of public ads informing you of… Continue Reading 

By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer Kim Leary is an oncology RN clinical nurse, who lives with a rare type of brain tumor that affects the glia, or supportive tissue, of the brain. Given her extensive medical knowledge and first-person experience,… Continue Reading