By: Dr. Timothy Gormley, Radiologist, Columbia Basin Imaging Put simply, medicine is just the art of using what works to help patients. By patients, I mean people – you, me, our neighbors, and our families. Because these people are loved… Continue Reading 

By: Lisa C.S. Rootvik, ARNP, Survivorship Clinic Nurse Practitioner Cancer survivors are often surprised by how difficult the transition to life after cancer can be. Among other challenges, survivors may be experiencing new physical, mental, and financial obstacles that were… Continue Reading 

By: Chuck DeGooyer, CEO, Tri-Cities Cancer Center Your Tri-Cities Cancer Center has pursued and successfully achieved two very important accreditations in the past two years. Accreditation is a significant undertaking: planning, process change, validating, auditing, training and educating, and commitment… Continue Reading 

By: Dr. Lindsey Josephson, ND, Tri-Cities Cancer Center The war on cancer is typically fought with some combination of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These three tools have come a long way over the years at becoming more effective and… Continue Reading 

Confusion over Prostate Cancer Screening There is a lot of confusing information about prostate cancer screening today. Sometimes we hear that men shouldn’t be screened at all, and other times we hear that some men should be screened and others… Continue Reading 

Support groups at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center are one facet of complementary care for patients and their families diagnosed with cancer. One patient summed up his experience of being diagnosed with cancer like this, “I realized that being diagnosed with… Continue Reading 

By: Joan Stewart, RT(T), BA HCA, Clinical Services Project Coordinator, TCCC The predominant rule in cancer care is if you want to cure it, find it early! For those who know ovarian cancer that is the challenge, finding it early!… Continue Reading