By: Joan Stewart, RT(T), BA HCA, Clinical Services Project Coordinator, TCCC Today the email from a trusted source stated: “Mid-Year Report on Updated Guidelines.” The multi-page report to follow covered 16 advisory boards and professional associations with recommendations for everything… Continue Reading 

By: Dr. Kenneth Berger, Board Certified Urologist, Lourdes Health The United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) is a panel of non-practicing primary care providers and epidemiologists funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services to make recommendations… Continue Reading 

By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer Don’t confuse Claude ‘Willie’ Sutton with “Willie ‘the actor’ Sutton.” Claude is a cancer survivor from Kennewick, while Willie ‘the actor’ Sutton was a famous bank robber during the early 20th century. Claude’s Air Force… Continue Reading 

Looking for a list of trusted websites for cancer information, support and everything in between? We have you covered. Centers for Disease Control – calculating your Body Mass Index List of known carcinogens Free Publications on Side Effects… Continue Reading 

By: Cindy Miller, RN, CN-BN, Breast Program Coordinator, Tri-Cities Cancer Center My experience working with breast cancer patients began over 11 years ago when I began facilitating the Breast Cancer Support Group at the Cancer Center. I have met so… Continue Reading 

By: Dr. Laurie S Evans, PC, FACS, Medical Director, Tri-Cities Cancer Center Breast Center It is my pleasure and honor to share this exciting news and development in our community. Many years ago I narrowed my practice of General Surgery… Continue Reading 

By: Dr. Sue Mandell, Medical Director, TCCC I am often asked by many of my patients why they should attend the Survivorship Clinic established here at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. Before answering that question in detail, let’s look at the… Continue Reading