We all know good nutrition is important for good health. We also know to make adjustments in our diet when we are sick, such as good old fashioned chicken soup. Cancer and the treatments used to fight it create challenges… Continue Reading 

What’s the first thing one does after starting the day at Sunday morning church, ending the day in the Kennewick General Hospital ER, and learning Monday morning that x-rays have revealed a large abdominal mass that will have to be… Continue Reading 

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men (after skin cancers). This year, an estimated 180,890 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 26,120 men will die of prostate cancer. In fact, 1 in 7 men will… Continue Reading 

Did you know that more than 85% of the prostatectomies in the United States are performed with robotic assistance?1 Or that the robot is the preferred surgical partner for hysterectomies? When we think of surgery we typically picture the double… Continue Reading 

Open to the public, the Ralph R. Peterson Cancer Resource Library, located at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, provides a wealth of cancer information and educational resources for the entire community. It is ideally suited for those looking to learn about… Continue Reading 

By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer It sounds like something from ‘Star Trek.’ A small wearable device that projects fields of electromagnetic energy to destroy cancer cells. Only it’s not science fiction. It’s a new technology that is allowing brain cancer… Continue Reading 

My dad died of cancer nearly two years ago. Since then, I’ve wanted to help other kids who have had a parent or loved one diagnosed with this disease. This led me to Kids Konnection at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.… Continue Reading