By: Lisa C.S. Rootvik, ARNP, Survivorship Nurse Practitioner The Survivorship Clinic at TCCC turned ONE in March and we are growing by leaps and bounds! We had our region’s very first survivorship conference, Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness, on April… Continue Reading 

An 11 year study of stage 1-3 breast cancer patients showed that stress management provided: Longer overall survival Less risk of cancer recurrence Improved quality-of-life In addition, other studies have shown stress management results in: Reduced risk of death from… Continue Reading 

Nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The majority of that should be vegetables. Eat a rainbow of plant foods every week with as much variety as possible: Black/Blue – Blackberries, blueberries, black beans, black rice, etc. Red/Purple – Pomegranate, beets, red… Continue Reading 

In 1988, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology became available for clinical use after decades of research. This diagnostic tool with its capacity for clearer images of the human body opened a new frontier of discovery for neuroscience. Scientists now… Continue Reading 

By: Andrew Greenwalt, RN, Kadlec Clinic As medical professionals we understand that a trip to the doctor’s office can result in much frustration. One oft cited source of frustration in the medical field is communication. Clear communication is not only… Continue Reading 

By Dr. Andrew J. Bieber – Board Certified Neurosurgeon – Fellowship training in Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Surgery, Kadlec Neuroscience Center The words “brain tumor” can be the most shocking and life altering words ever said to a patient. Brain… Continue Reading 

By Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer There’s never a good time for a cancer diagnosis. But it would be difficult to think how it could have been more complicated for Fred Higgins. He was in the process of moving his family… Continue Reading 

(Naturopathic blogs will also be posted on our naturopathic page) A number of year ago while I was in medical school I had an enlightening conversation with a brilliant Native American woman. We were talking about cancer and she told… Continue Reading 

I had the opportunity to attend a conference last year where we were connected with a group of very talented individuals who work for the Oregon Health Sciences University Foundation and who worked with donors during the Knight Cancer Challenge.… Continue Reading 

Woman Up! Women’s Health Awareness Following the success of Be A Man, came the release of Woman Up! Women’s Health Awareness video. The video takes a fun approach to bring awareness to serious cancerous diseases impacting women including: cervical cancer… Continue Reading