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Between the sprawling building and bustling Deschutes Avenue on the Tri-Cities Cancer Center campus grows a world of verdant foliage, flowers, fountains and even a vegetable garden.

But this garden isn’t just for decoration. The  “Cancer Crushing Garden”, is located behind the Wellness Center parking area and provides patients, families and our caregiver team with a key to cancer prevention, nutrition and improved health and wellness.

The goals of the Cancer Crushing Garden include:

Increase our patients and families nutritional knowledge
In the garden, you will learn about nutritional best practices and improve your understanding of healthy eating. The signage will include specific health benefits from different color families of vegetables. For example, yellow/orange-colored veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins contain antioxidants, like vitamin C and carotenoids. They also contain fiber, which helps fight certain cancers and supports heart, vision and immune function.

The garden will be tended by volunteers and produce seasonal crops suitable for our arid desert climate.

Learn new skills
Knowing about vegetables is one thing, but putting that knowledge to practical use is another. That’s why Chef Kyle Thornhill of Tsunami Catering will utilize garden produce in our Cancer Crushing Cuisine classes. In these classes, our chef, along with our naturopathic physician and registered dietitians provide instructions on preparing recipes consistent with the prevention of cancer and the promotion of optimal health.

The Cancer Crushing Garden can provide other benefits in addition to increasing knowledge of nutrition. Like our Serenity Garden here at TCCC, the garden will also become a destination for cancer patients and caregivers to escape the burdens of cancer care and treatment and regain a sense of control and privacy.

  • Patients exposed to views of natural settings recover faster, require less pain medication, and have more positive feelings than those exposed to urban, industrial views.
  • Research shows that surrounding yourself in a natural landscape and doing 30 minutes of outdoor gardening can reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • The longer you garden, the better your mental health may be. Gardening can help alleviate or prevent symptoms of depression, like fatigue and sadness, and improve memory function.

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