Purpose and Need of the Organization:

For 25 years, the Tri-Cities Cancer Center has been providing world-class cancer care to our region.  Services have been expanded, treatment options remain cutting-edge and diverse, and the support given to patients and families, as well as resources available to the community, provides one of the best comprehensive cancer programs in the nation.

Additionally, the many resources that the Center provides to the community, such as education presentations, tobacco cessation and prevention, no-cost screenings and vital educational materials in the Ralph R. Peterson Library, are building a healthier community.

The combination of the world-class treatment, comprehensive support services and community education and cancer screenings has a dramatic impact on our community.  Our services and programs funded through contributions to our Foundation are making an impact in many ways:

  • Our Nurse Navigators support patients through their cancer journey, reducing emergency room visits through nurse consultation and providing practical support for side-effect management.
  • We provide resource support to cancer patients in our region, helping provide wigs, breast prosthesis, scarves, gas cards, and many other items needed for a patients care.
  • Chaplain support eases the spiritual and emotional burden of a cancer diagnosis. Through our chaplains, we can provide important support groups, including the first of its kind in the area for kids, called “Kids Konnection,” which helps children better understand a cancer diagnoses of a loved one.
  • Our community education, which focuses on a variety of topics all aimed at early detection of cancer and reducing your risk, gives community members the tools to become more alert in detecting cancer early, when treatment options are plentiful and outcomes are significantly improved. By encouraging participants to become advocates in their health care, we are encouraging healthier communities.

The Tri-Cities Cancer Center celebrates Giving Tuesday the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year but donations to the wish list can be made all throughout the year.

These services and programs are only made possible through community support.

Location of the organization:

We are located at 7350 W. Deschutes Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336

Location of those served by our organization:

Approximately 80% of patients and family members served are from the Tri-Cities, the remaining patients and families are primarily from NE Oregon, with a handful of those served coming from Walla Walla, the lower Yakima Valley and Moses Lake.

#GivingTuesday Wish List

Support the Tri-Cities Cancer Center in serving patients and their families in our region by donating an item off our wish list! All wish list donations will be recognized with a special gift tag that can be given throughout the season. A donation to the wish list is a great gift!


  • WINCO, Fred Meyer, Alberton’s, Safeway cards
  • NEW Baseball hats, socks, gloves, scarfs for men
  • Gas Cards
  • NEW Men’s shaving kit
  • Adult coloring books & coloring pens
  • NEW Warm socks
  • Salon Gift Certificates
  • Massage gift certificates
  • House cleaning certificates
  • Journal and pens
  • Pizza Gift Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Stress Balls
  • Sleeping masks for men and women
  • Gum
  • Starbucks Cards
  • Face Masks
  • Soft blanket or Wraps
  • Hat, cap, beanies or head scarf
  • Body lotion and lip balm, preferably unscented or natural scent and paraben-free
  • Tea Sampler
  • Ginger candies or other hard candies (for nausea control)
  • Snacks and goodies
  • Audio book subscription
  • Music download subscription or gift card
  • Movie ticket gift card
  • Restaurant gift card
  • Waterbottles

***Funds are also needed to purchase many other items for patient need support (food, bill pay support, medication costs, nutritional supplements, etc.). If you would like to donate funds to Patient Needs please CLICK HERE and choose “Patient Needs” as your area of designation.