At 41, Lisa Moreno heard the words no one ever expects. . . “You have cancer”.

A new resident to the Tri-Cities, Lisa faced this unimaginable diagnosis with her husband of 22 years, Art, and her precious daughters, Ashlee and Alexa by her side. After a mastectomy, 3 rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries and hospital stays, and with a fighting attitude, Lisa is now a cancer survivor. Medicine and technology helped to fight the disease, but Lisa credits Support Services at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center with giving her back her life.

After her diagnosis, a friend encouraged Lisa to visit the Center. At first Lisa was hesitant, “I wasn’t prepared to go there alone,” so her friend joined her. During her visit, Lisa found that the Cancer Center had just what she needed to build a support system in her fight against cancer. Lisa was welcomed into the Breast Cancer support group, which meets twice a month in the Fireside Room of the center’s Wellness Center. “I was blessed with these special ladies; they have become my saving grace to help cope with this huge bump in the road of life.”

Community Educator for the Center, Cindy Miller, RN, has had extensive training in breast health education through the National Consortium of Breast Centers and serves as the group facilitator.

“I remember when Lisa joined the group, she was so down and looking for additional support,” shares Miller. “She was instantly loved by the other members of the group and I have watched her blossom with happiness and confidence.”

In addition to her participation in one of the Center’s support groups, Lisa also credits the WellFit™ program, with helping her get back on her feet.  WellFit™ is a 10-week fitness program designed to help cancer survivors build strength and increase endurance after treatment, paid for through donations to the Foundation.  “It’s the best thing they could have done for me!” said Lisa. “It’s an amazing program that helped me feel normal again.”

As part of the extensive Support Services program at the Center, Lisa also received a wig and hats after chemotherapy caused hair loss, a facial in the Center’s newly expanded Resource Center as well as education and additional support through the variety of classes and presentations held weekly in the Wellness Center.

Lisa’s experience at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center has encouraged her to give back to the patients who are in the same position she was a short time ago. Lisa has recently finished volunteer training and is volunteering in the Center’s Ralph R. Peterson Library, helping to provide information to patients and community members.

Through funding provided by donations to the Foundation, the Center is able to provide services that have made such a difference to cancer patients like Lisa. “I would really love for donors to continue giving because it can really change people’s lives,” shared Lisa.