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With a focus on oncology care, our Naturopathic Physician, Lindsey Josephson, ND, provides guidance on how to use vitamins and supplements to improve cancer treatment, minimize treatment side effects, recover from treatment earlier and minimize your overall cancer risk.

Her goals for every cancer patient regardless of diagnosis or extent of disease are:

• Pre-habilitation – At diagnosis patients can strengthen and prepare for what lies ahead.

• Optimizing Treatments – During active treatment patients can reduce side effects, minimize treatment fatigue and avoid supplements that may interfere with the care plan.

• Rehabilitation – Cancer survivors can enhance and hasten recovery from treatment as well as reduce risk of recurrence.

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A number of years ago while I was in medical school I had an enlightening conversation with a brilliant Native American woman. We were talking about cancer and she told me “in my tribe tumors are said to be the… Continue Reading