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By Dr. Andrew J. Bieber – Board Certified Neurosurgeon – Fellowship training in Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Surgery, Kadlec Neuroscience Center

The words “brain tumor” can be the most shocking and life altering words ever said to a patient. Brain tumors are an extremely scary journey which oftentimes is filled with trials and tribulations, tears and laughter, and an extreme fear of the uncertain future. The idea that something is wrong in your brain does not only create worry on the physical effects of the tumor growth but it also alters how we perceive ourselves. It alters the consciousness that we rely on and can destroy the memories and independence we hold dear. In the past, the added stress of this diagnosis was often exponentially increased with the geographic barriers to receiving care. Previously patients in the local community often had to travel 200 miles away to tertiary care centers to have complex neurosurgical interventions. Travel added increased stress to the patient and family creating a feeling of disconnect from the community at a crucial time.

The things that make the Tri-Cities great is the amazing people which create a kind, caring, and supportive community. The effects of a good community and compassionate physicians are essential to providing all the components necessary for patient care. I see my value as a board certified Fellowship trained neurosurgeon measured not only as my performance in the operating room but in personal care that I can provide to every patient. When a patient is challenged with an extremely complex diagnosis, I want to be the knowledgeable ear that not only understands the physical and medical components of treatment, but understands the familial and psychological burdens as well.

When it comes to treating brain tumors, personalized patient oriented care is vital. Any patient can go to the giant institution on the hill with scores of doctors and researchers; people self-labeled as world renowned experts. Unfortunately, those institutions often times leave the patient longing for a physician who cares, rather than a system which labels them alone in their diagnosis. Patients want a capable physician who will hold their hand and provide the best care in a kind, compassionate, and personalized way. Patients can become disillusioned with the large institutions because large departments, researchers, residents, and multiple attendings can provide high volumes of patient treatment, but often fail on an emotional and educational level as patients get lost into the system.

We are pleased to announce that Kadlec Neuroscience Center and Tri-Cities Cancer Center are now able to expand local quality care to patients with brain tumors. Since July 2017, we have been providing highly technical and extremely complex brain procedures with the excellent hospital facilities and staff at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. This includes cutting edge elements of neurosurgical care, such as Stealth navigation, microscopic/endoscopic surgical techniques, stereotactic biopsies, minimally invasive resections of brain and spine tumors, along with complex skull base and cranial nerve interventions. We can now resect tumors in all brain regions including pineal, pituitary and skull base locations.

In addition, Dr. Juno Choe and Dr. Guy Jones of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center can address the needs of patients who are not a candidate for surgery with the precision knifeless techniques of the Varian Edge® Radiosurgery system. These advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques along with the excellent care provided by the Tri-Cities Cancer Center and their many patient support systems provides comprehensive brain tumor care at or above the level of any regional academic institution.

Together with the Tri-Cities Cancer Center and Kadlec’s new neurosurgical capabilities my goal as a neurosurgeon is to provide the best quality care locally. Our neurosurgical care focuses not only on the metrics of survivability and tumor resection, but on the most important metric of treating the patient and family as a whole. I will always focus on you
as a person rather than just your disease.

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