Extraordinary 2017

The Opening of Our Survivorship Clinic
Survivorship is about health, wellness and living beyond cancer. You became a survivor the day you were diagnosed. When treatment is completed, you need a clear path for the future.This spring we are expanding our Survivorship Program and offering our new Survivorship Clinic, staffed by ARNP Lisa Rootvik, a seasoned survivorship provider who will work closely with patients and their doctors.

Breast Accreditation
We continue to push forward to become an official Breast Center of Excellence. In May of this year, our program will undergo an onsite survey required for accreditation. We also offer a Thoracic and Genitourinary Center of Excellence as well. These three programs bring together physicians and ancillary staff from all three area hospitals and the Cancer Center to review cases, which leads to shortened time to treatment, improved outcomes and more effective treatment plans.

Prevention and Early Detection
The Cancer Center provides numerous free cancer screenings throughout the year. We partner with our hospital owners and area physicians to provide this valuable service to our community. Early detection saves lives. Be healthy. Get screened. Visit our calendar at tccancer.org to stay up to date with our screening events.

2nd Colorectal Cancer Pre-Screening Event
On March 18th we hosted our second Colorectal Cancer Pre-Screening event in partnership with our owner hospitals: Kadlec, Lourdes Health and Trios Health. This disease is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. among men and women and is also very preventable. It takes community partnership to make significant improvements in the prevention and early detection of diseases such as colorectal cancer. We are happy to report our community responded to the call to Be Healthy and Get Screened by registering for our Pre-Screening event. While the final numbers are still being calculated, we had at least 5-times the number of people registered for this event compared to last year.

Lung Screening and Quit Tobacco
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. among men and women. We are ramping up our efforts this year to reduce the late stage findings in our community as well as working even harder to prevent this cancer from occurring. Our free Quit Tobacco program is offered on a monthly basis – we are here to partner with you to beat the tobacco habit. To increase early detection screenings in our region, we are working more closely than ever before with our hospital owners to get more people screened. Any positive finding(s) detected of patients screened at the Cancer Center or any of our participating hospital owners will have their cases presented at our Thoracic Center of Excellence. It’s world-class care with community-wide convenience.

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