Thirteen Years and Counting

By: Carl Berkowitz, TCCC Volunteer

Those who attended this year’s Annual Fund Raiser Breakfast will recognize Tim Doyle as the Master of Ceremonies for this big event. He’s also Vice-President of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation and himself a cancer survivor. Tim’s introduction to cancer came via his father who suffered from an aggressive form of prostate cancer that was not detected until therapy was too late. Tim’s cancer was detected at an early stage when treatment was more effective. “And I’m making sure my two boys know that this runs in the family, and that early exams are in their future.”

Based on his experience Tim is a strong backer of the Cancer Center’s many community outreach and early-detection programs. “The Foundation raises money for these activities, helping to cover the cost of supplies for the programs and bringing in the medical teams that do the screenings, all at no cost to the public.“

Tim’s been on the Foundation board for more than 13 years. Why so long? He cites two factors for his participation. First, he strongly believes in the importance of services provided by the Foundation to cancer patients. “We supported our recent campus expansion and helped with over 1000 no-cost screenings this year. Our past work included developing the RV hook-ups behind the TCCC campus for out-of-town patients and we continue to support the Resource Center, where wigs, prosthesis and educational material are freely available to patients.” He also noted the Foundation’s support for the Center’s chaplains and nurse navigators, all of whom have professional training to help patients get through some very difficult times. And he wanted to remind readers that all funds raised by the Foundation are put to good use here in our community.

The second reason Tim has served on the Foundation board as many years as he has are the people. “We have a team that’s a pleasure to work with. Whether we’re having sit-down planning meetings to discuss administrative details or in the process of physically setting up one of our events, the camaraderie is amazing. Each member of the Foundation has a personal stake in making the world a better place for cancer patients. And with most having had some personal experience with cancer, friendships are easily made.”

Much of Tim’s work and that of others on the Foundation board is directed to four major events: the Annual Cancer Crushing Fund Raising Breakfast (sponsored by Mission Support Alliance, and held last March with Tim as the Master of Ceremonies), the Run for Ribbons Fun Run and Ribbonfest Health Fair (to be held May 11th of this year), the HAPO Golf Classic (August 16th) and the CH2M sponsored Autumn Affair (November 9th). Each of these events requires significant administrative planning and on-the-ground legwork. Volunteers are always needed to set up the facilities, host tables or assist or drive participants who need help at the events.

Tim has dreams of further expanding services supported by the Foundation. In particular, he’d like to see continued expansion in the Cancer Center’s early detection screening programs for oral/head and neck cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer. Foundation workers already provide volunteer and financial support for these activities because early detection is key to successful treatment, and Tim believes more needs to be done to lower the cancer rate in our community.

Thirteen years on the Foundation board hasn’t dampened Tim Doyle’s enthusiasm for the work done by this organization.
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