TCCCF Annual Report

By: Elizabeth McLaughlin, TCCC Foundation Director

The Tri-Cities Cancer Center’s proud history of nearly 25 years is surpassed only by the over 25 year history of its Foundation. The birth of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center was a carefully coordinated effort of our three owner hospitals, an effort that was completely crafted through the incredible support and the incredible demand of our community. The strength of this community treasure has always, and will always lie within its people, whom we affectionately call our TCCC Family.

This Family is filled with our staff who are caring, compassionate and fiercely devoted professionals; our dedicated and loving volunteers whose efforts give over 12,000 hours of service to our patients, their families and our community each year; and our incredible members of both the Center and the Foundation’s boards, whose leadership, strategic planning and unwavering support of world class cancer care is a beacon of light during times of uncertainty, of success and of incredible growth and unprecedented change.

This incredible family includes YOU, our cherished and generous donors, whose investments in our Foundation have created remarkable change and have provided comfort, stability, and confidence for our patients who are in the midst of the fight of their lives.

YOU have created a level of world-class cancer care for our region that is truly second to none in complimentary services and cutting edge technology.

YOU have built a stunning campus that brings comfort, respects privacy and feels like home to our patients receiving treatment.

YOU have been the catalyst in kicking off our prevention efforts that are aimed at stopping cancer in its tracks. These efforts are critical in beginning to imagine a world without cancer.

And YOU have funded over 1000 no-cost screenings so far this year. . . Early detection is the key in the fight against cancer. And we can tell you, with all certainty, that your investment in our Foundation has saved lives.

The support YOU give to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center makes these achievements possible!

The great privilege of serving our community is something I know we, as your Tri-Cities Cancer Center staff and volunteers are all very proud of.

Because of YOU, we can ensure that no one in our community will fight cancer alone.

Warmest Regards,
Elizabeth McLaughlin, TCCC Foundation Director

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