Tim Doyle
As the son of a local business owner, Tim Doyle learned some early lessons about supporting his community and making it a better place to live.

Tim’s father owned a local business and used to tell his children that customers could find his product on a lot of street corners, but if the family supported the community and those who lived and worked here, people would choose to support his business as well.  In other words, service makes the difference.  This lesson of community service resonated with the Doyle family and that spirit of commitment is being passed on to another generation.

When Tim Doyle’s father was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and was being treated at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, the family was grateful for the care and support they received from doctors and staff, even though the outlook wasn’t positive.

Shortly after his father lost his battle with cancer, Tim received a call from long time board member Soren Jensen.  Soren invited Tim to serve on the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation Board of Directors.  Tim believed that by supporting the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation, he could make a positive difference for other families facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Since that time, Tim has served on the Foundation board and continues to be actively involved in both fundraising and public awareness for the Foundation. 

Tim and his wife Cindy are active in a variety of causes in the community.  They involve their children and believe in exposing them to the visible side of charitable giving.  The Doyle’s passionately believe that leading by example is the best way to teach their two boys the joy of giving back.  Their wish for their children is that the boys find their passion and dive in with both feet.  Tim and Cindy are proud that both of their children embrace the spirit of giving, easily reaching into their own small pockets or volunteering to help without being asked.  Thanks Doyle family, our community is in good hands.