When a patient chooses radiation therapy at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, care begins with a personalized treatment plan created by our on-site radiation oncology physicians. Once the plan is established, radiation therapy is administered each day by the Center’s radiation technologists. Throughout your treatment, care is a collaborative effort between Center staff, the on-site oncology physicians, and the patient’s other healthcare providers.

Once you have been diagnosed with cancer and you have been referred to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, you will progress along the following steps for your radiation treatment:



  • Lays the ground work to develop your radiation administration plan

Begin treatment

  • Usually one week to 10 days after simulation
  • A staff member will call to tell you when you will begin

Weekly meeting with doctors

  • You will see your radiation oncologist every Monday and as needed while you are receiving therapy

Finish treatment

  • On your last treatment day you will be given an appointment card for a three month follow up appointment

Follow up care

  • Your radiation oncologist will set up a follow up schedule with you