Our History

The Tri-Cities Cancer Center began as a dream for a place within our region not only to treat cancer, but also to care for those impacted by it. United in a common goal, local hospitals, individuals, civic groups, and businesses came together to make that dream a reality.

The Center, a partnership of Lourdes Health Network, Kadlec Regional Medical Center and Trios Health opened its doors in 1994 as a freestanding non-profit cancer treatment facility.

Since then, the Tri-Cities Cancer Center has become a community resource for cancer treatment, support, education, and information. It is also a place where hope is intertwined with compassion, where dedicated professionals work alongside devoted volunteers, and services expand each year, due to the generous support of our community. It is a place where we stand together against a disease that affects us all.

Our Mission

To provide and coordinate the highest quality, compassionate cancer care for the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To reach a larger audience with a broader spectrum of services.

Our Values

Respect, teamwork, compassion, and excellence.

Member Hospitals

The Tri-Cities Cancer Center is a joint venture of Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Lourdes Health Network, and Trios Health.

Tri-Cities Cancer Center Administration Team

  • Chuck DeGooyer, Chief Excutive Officer
  • Michele Caron, Clinical Services Director
  • Victoria Dehler, Finance & Operations Director
  • Dr. Sue Mandell, Medical Director
  • Elizabeth McLaughlin, Foundation Director
  • Michael Novakovich, Business Development Director
  • Lorie Maples, Executive Assistant

Tri-Cities Cancer Center 2015 Board of Directors

John Serle – Chair
President/CEO of Lourdes Health Network

Susan Kreid – Vice Chair
Kadlec Regional Medical Center Community Representative

P. Donna Vance – Secretary/Treasurer
Trios Health

Phil Gallagher
TCCC Foundation Board President

Dr. Iyad Hamarneh
Trios Health Hematology & Oncology

Dr. Basir Haque
Kadlec Clinic Hematology & Oncology

Tim Doyle
Ex-Officio Non-voting Board Member/ TCCC Foundation Board President-Elect

Glen Marshall
CEO of Trios Health

Jeff Petersen
Lourdes Health Network Community Representative

Dr. Kevin Taylor
Lourdes Health Network

Rand Wortman
President/CEO of Kadlec Health System